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Covid Vaccine News Posted on 29 Apr 2021

  • Covid vaccines are now being delivered to Bromsgrove practices and we will contact you when it is your turn.
  • The Pfizer vaccine needs to be delivered from the BHI Parkside Hub - we have started giving these.
  • Once we get the Oxford (Astra Zeneca) vaccines we will give these at Catshill - like we do the flu vaccines.


  • Do not contact the surgery - we will call you when it is your turn.
  • You may get a letter inviting you to travel to one of the 7 UK Covid mass vaccination centres - you do not need to accept this. We will still call you and will vaccinate you as soon as we can.
  • We are concentrating as much time and staffing as we can to the Covid vaccine program - please bear this in mind and please consider alternatives to ringing the surgery if you can.

Thank you! 

 (see below from the Local Medical Committee)

" The covid vaccination program is the biggest ever undertaken and GP practices are keen that they should be the ones to deliver it to you in conjunction with national and regional centres. In order to do that we need your support to allow us to focus our efforts on getting the job done. I hope therefore that we can ask you to think twice before contacting your local practice for minor ailments whilst we arrange the biggest vaccination program ever. If you can look on the NHS website first and consider what self-care measures you could take it will really help to take the pressure off our practice staff and GPs. For more worrying complaints we will be there for you as we have been throughout the pandemic. Many of you will have long-term conditions and some of your routine annual blood tests and checks may be delayed for a while without significant risk to you. We ask that you trust your doctor to decide what, if any monitoring is necessary over these next few months.

All patients who are eligible for the vaccine will be contacted according to the priority lists in due course Please can we ask that you do not contact your practice as we will contact you when it is your turn. This in itself will enable those who need medical attention to get through on the telephone to us when they need to."


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