If you think you might have coronavirus

  • Go to NHS 111 online coronavirus service who will direct you to the best service depending on your symptoms. NHS 111 online will be faster than the 111 phone service.
  • Key symptoms are a temperaturecough or shortness of breath, or loss of smell.
  • Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus can ask for a test on the NHS website.
  • If you need to self isolate, please do not contact us to tell us. Follow the instructions from NHS 111. We cannot provide sick notes for self-isolation. NHS 111 online can provide you with an isolation note if you need it for your employer.
  • Do not go to the surgery, a hospital or a pharmacy if you think you have coronavirus. We all need to work together to reduce its transmission.
  • Only call an ambulance via 999 if it is a life-threatening emergency.
  • Please look online for advice and updates, including from NHS 111, the UK government advice portal, and the BBC. Please also think about who else you could call, such as your pharmacist, so that we can prioritise our services for direct clinical care.

If you are unwell and think you need some help

  • Please consider whether another healthcare provider such as a pharmacist can help or whether you can manage your symptoms at home. BUT we are available if you are unwell and need us.
  • Children: COVID-19 is unlikely to make your child seriously unwell but all the ‘normal’ illnesses that can make children severely unwell still remain, so it is important to reach out to a health professional if you are concerned about your child's symptoms.
  • If you need us, contact us as early in the day as possible. Our phone lines open at 08:00am, Mon-Fri. The earlier in the day you  contact us, the easier it is to sort out your problem the same day.


Our consultations have changed significantly due to coronavirus:

  • We are offering the same number of consultations now as we were before lockdown began, but more than 9 in 10 consultations are now by phone or video. We think this is working very well, and we have had many comments from you that you agree. The reduced patient numbers in the surgery keeps it safe for those who need to attend and for our team.
  • Face to face consultations are reserved for patients who need examination. They are currently being done in a different building or section of the surgery, again to keep down the risk of spreading infection.
  • Do not enter our surgeries unless you have spoken to us by phone or video and you have a prearranged appointment.
  • We need to regulate the flow of patients into our building. Wait outside the surgery until it is your turn to enter. Do not bring a companion with you unless you need them to help you. Only one adult may accompany a child. If possible and appropriate we may suggest assessing a patient outdoors.
  • This is following government guidelines designed to reduce coronavirus transmission through surgeries. When you are allocated a face-to-face appointment, we will tell you where you need to attend.

Repeat prescriptions:

You can post repeat prescription requests or queries at the surgery door. You can order repeat medications online, or you can ring to make a request. We will then send your medication directly to the pharmacy you allocate.

Other services:

  • We are still giving childhood, flu and other important vaccines. If you or your child catch a vaccine-preventable disease and then also catch coronavirus, this could be very serious. Please make sure you/your child's vaccines are up to date. Flu protection is still very important.
  • We are restarting cervical screening (smear tests) for high priority patients.
  • We are restarting diabetes reviews starting with our high priority patients.
  • We are making out-patient referrals to out-patients again. Those already referred but waiting (including if your appt was cancelled)  will be contacted by the hospital. Please do not call us.
  • We have reviewed all our patients receiving Vitamin B12 injections and restarted these for those who need them.
  • All other non-essential clinics and services currently remain cancelled, in line with national advice. These include minor surgery and joint injections, new patient and other routine health checks, non-essential blood tests and nurse appointments. We hope to reintroduce these services as soon as we can.
  • Our ability to undertake non-NHS work such as forms, medical reports and supplying copies of medical records remains reduced, and our timescales for completing these are longer than normal. Please avoid asking for such things if at all possible.
  • We are still accepting complaints and will investigate and learn from these as always, to improve our systems and actions. However we will not be sending detailed response letters for the duration of the emergency.
Attending Surgery
Please park in designated parking space - beyond the red barrier. Wait in your car untill collected by a member of staff.
Please come alone unless bringing a child for immunisations.
You must wear a face covering otherwise treatment will be declined

Thank you for your patience.

You are helping us to focus on essential clinical care for those most in need. The crisis is making us learn new ways of working, which will bring positive changes to our service in the future. In the meantime we continue to work as hard as we can to give you the care you need as safely as possible.


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