Details & information on how to refer yourself to local services. 

Healthy Minds Healthy Minds - Previously known as Let's Talk, Healthy Minds support people who are experiencing difficulties such as stress, anxiety, low mood and depression. 




 Self-refer into our physiotherapy service

Before you complete the self-referral form

  • Have you been using the advice and tips on the self-help sections for around 8 weeks? 
  • Are you still feeling pain or discomfort?
  • Are you registered with a GP practice in Evesham, Droitwich, Pershore, Malvern, Tenbury, Worcester, Upon, Redditch or Bromsgrove?

If you have answered yes to all the above then you should complete the form by following the link above, providing as much information as possible.




Social Prescribing helps you to explore extra services that may support you to improve your health, wellbeing and independence.

Contact the team on:

Social prescribers: 0300 303 5291

Wellbeing Coaching: 01905 27525

Lifestyle Advice: 01905 27525

How Does It Work?

A member of your GP practice team may suggest a referral to the Social Prescribing service. One of our Social Prescribers will contact you to find out what you are interested in, tell you about what activities and services are available locally and help you to access them.

Together you will be able to:

1. Explore what is important for your life and wellbeing.

2. Identify the local activities and services you can benefit from.

3. Gain support and encouragement to start using services that can help you.

The social prescriber is:

• Someone to talk to confidentially.

• Someone who is practical, helpful and who will not judge you.

• Someone who can help you decide what you’d like to do to improve your health, wellbeing and independence.

• Someone who can find you activities that will suit you.

• Someone who can give you support along the way.

Social prescribing can link you with many services in your community to help. These may include:

• Healthy lifestyles and active lives.

• Arts, music, outdoors and creativity.

• Befriending, counselling and other support groups.

• Housing, benefits and financial support and advice.

• Employment, training and volunteering.

• Education and learning.

• Getting involved in local groups and activities.

• Accessing specialist services and support.

Helpful contact numbers:

Catherine Adams Physio: Tel: 01527 559594

Health Visitors Tel: 01527 488320

District Nurse Tel: 01527 488340

Comminuty midwife: Tel: 01527 512146

Sexual health & family planning: Tel: 01527 516398

Substance misuse Swanswell: Tel: 0300 303 8200

Ocupational therapy: Tel: 01527 488016

Princess of Wales Community Hospital: Tel: 01527 488000

Alexandra Hospital Redditch: Tel: 01527 503030

Emergency Dentist: Tel: NHS 111



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